Saturday, July 14, 2007

Female Bloggers That Rock!

The lovely and talented La Fille Mariée has forwarded a meme in which I must name and describe five female online writers (sexpots) that I like a whole darn lot. This is tough for me, because, as I've admitted before, I have yet to catch up on everyone because most of my computer time is spent trying to get posts out as quickly as I can and then, only then, if I'm lucky, read all of your wonderful stuff. I'm trying, though. I type really fast these days.

About Fille, she's just kind of folded me under her arm recently, and I'm really happy about it. Fille, just tell me how to make you happy, sweetpea.

1.Curvaceous Dee

It's no surprise that I'm putting our Dee up here. Dee reminds me so much of myself, it's a little spooky. But whereas Dee's been actually writing about things that she's actually doing, I'm just sitting in my apartment making shit up, based loosely on experiences previous to my marriage and a few asides here and there within the limits that my husband and I have agreed on. Dee lives for me, as many of you do, but hers reminds me of the life that stretches between my ears just before I come the most. And she's a freaking good writer too. Knocking you a kiss there, babes. Keep the good stuff comin'.


You know, I don't give a shit if everyone else in the world tags Z. I'm tagging her too. So there. You know why everyone's tagging her? Because she's an amazing writer. Look here:

That miasma of sex that can't be washed off and covered up, that floats on the air around the freshly-fucked, oozing out through the pores as though one body had absorbed the scent of the other.

I mean, come on! Look at that! She really puts herself out there, exposes not just what's happening to her body, but all those little tweaks of her mind. As Alex Kapranos says, words are poisoned darts of pleasure. And Z's got them by the balls. Ouch.


I only just found this site as Amy only just commented on one of my stories and I was all Ooooh! and ran over there. As if you don't know, Amy shares her site with Richard, her man. I'm fascinated, confused, and most of all, extremely freaking turned on reading their site. It's another case of living vicariously, as I'm sure my husband would love this setup and I don't think I could do it for more than an hour. I'm fascinated because I'm so turned on by it. It's brought out something in me that I was pretty sure didn't exist. The way she's so open, sharing every little detail, including inevitable mental conflicts, possible self-loathing or at least -mistrust issues being confronted right out there, with the husband. I couldn't do it. She can. Bless you, Amy, and thanks for the orgasm.


Something about her reserve gets me. She's so self conscious and careful about what she writes. Her words are well chosen, well weighted and her sentences are balanced and rhythmic in just the way she hopes they are. She's a writer to care about. And you do, right away. Like Amy, I've only just picked her up, and am going to find myself soon enough at two in the morning sunken into her archives like a pillow and unable to move.


Everyone knows why anyone would go to this site. Fucking. Pure and simple. I like fucking. I like Fex.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome choices, honey. I just discovered Megan, too. She completely rocks... her writing is so evocative. The others are favourites of mine already.

Curvaceous Dee said...

Oh, Droplet - I am blushing so hard right now!

*raises glass of Absolut and cranberry* Cheers, hon!

xx Dee

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Droplet! I've been enjoying your blog as well. Now, we'll have to see if I can live up to the expectations... :)

Droplet said...

Well, you all rock. I mean it.

Amy said...

No, YER it!

And I think we're even on the O-thang.

I cheated and gave an award to the whole Smart Girls crew, cuz they are all unbelievable...

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I am honored to be in such company. Thank you!!!

I am so behind on my blog reading/searching, so my mission should be fun!

Anonymous said...

I really hate being tagged, but it was worth it to read that. Thanks, honey :)