Monday, July 2, 2007

The Shu that Gasmed (or Stuff for You)

This week's linkage from Sugasm.

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #87? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks


“Sometimes, she’s even more the centre of things than he is, since she is a more recent addition to the dynamic, and since we both adore her.”

Money and Sex

“And then in walks sex, #1 potential button pusher of all times.”

Denied - 11

“There’s a click, and a lifting of restriction, and cool, soothing moistness.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself

The Skeptical Pornographer: The G-Spot.

Editor’s Choice

A fitting for a marriage

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Sex News & Reviews

Fun Factory Layaspot Mini Vibrator Review

NEW Designs Throughout the Shop!

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships

Adult Meme: Q & A

A Brief History of Literature

Cockwhore 101 - Spitting

Have You Ever Used A Vibrator So Long That Even After You Stopped It Still Tingled?

Internet fuck buddy

Is it in yet?

It’s Behind You! Hurry Before It

Lesbian Sexuality 101

Q & A For (More Than) One (I Hope!)

Persian “Lover” - Part Two

Read Me

TMI, Anyone?

What if today was the last day?

BDSM & Fetish


Beer bottles and nipple clamps

Daddy’s little girl

Featured Fetish Film: Lez Go Retro (Lingerie, Nylon, Lesbian)

Ms160 celebrates a birthday

Oh, Sweet Release! (Kinda)

Parking again

Scenes From My Bedroom - Part 1: Taken


Sex Work

The Art of Teasing

NSFW Pics, Videos & Audio

BodyPaint - Pictorial Presentation

Breann McGregor Undressed Nude Pictures

Deep Tongue Lovin’

LSG Models’ Latest Erotic Photos and Video

San Francisco Pride Pix

Sex & Politics

The no porn pledge (And my response to other misguided people)

Watching Big Love…

Erotic Writing and Experiences

Dirty Talking Girl

Hot Summer Nights are a Voyeur’s Dream

I know u want to

In Love With Her Best Friend


Saved By The Bell

Sexual Dreams~ ~#1

Silver Screen

Sleepy Time

Sweet Release


When Joe Brought Suzy Home 3

Groovy sexy model courtesy of The Erotica Journals.

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